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At The Spring School, we have an excellent understanding of children’s lives and their social contexts.


Our priority is to support and encourage personality development, autonomy and creativity. We encourage social interaction and foster an understanding of the differences in everyone. We support you, the parent, during your time in Bali by offering your child a beautiful environment to learn and explore, and by giving you a connection to other parents visiting and living on the island.


We actively promote a strong ethos of sharing, mindfulness and goodwill towards other people and the Earth.


Our organic garden provides an environment in which children can connect to nature and enjoy planting and growing a wide range of plants, fruits and vegetables.


What all-round care for your child means to us: Language developmentCreativity in all its formsEarly musical appreciationConnection with naturePhysical educationStrong relationships.

Our Motto


Creating beautiful memories in a playful and nurturing environment.

Vision and Mission



Our vision is to provide an education that develops every young child’s natural awe, respect, and wonder for the world around them. To connect children to nature through direct experience, exploration, and play. To integrate the skills and subject materials children need through a nature-oriented curriculum and a developmentally appropriate learning experience that follows best practices.



Our mission is to create an education for young children based on the understanding that a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world is vital for the development of the whole child and for the preservation of the planet. We believe that the experiences children enjoy early in life affect the attitudes and behaviors they carry with them throughout their lifetimes.

Spring at a glance

Our Story

Ibu Vero had a dream to create a small school that would focus on seeing the child as a whole. With the help of a past parent, but with little monetary resources, she created a learning space that would allow children to grow. Ibu Vero has run the school by herself for the past five years.


Our Community

Our community of caring and committed parents is small, intimate and secure. We’re proud of the personal attention every child and parent receives and the family atmosphere in our small social group.


How We Learn

We believe that learning happens through play guided by loving, nurturing, dedicated staff. Our three teachers ensure a 1:7 teacher-student ratio and prepare kids to be better learners and citizens, and curious contributors to the world.


How We Care

We provide full scholarships for two local Balinese children, and our dream is to educate and train local teachers to bring our principles back to their schools. Early childhood teachers in Ubud largely see their role as a job. We want to be a hub for a new kind of teaching.

Where We Are

We are located in the Ubud, a hub of creativity and spirituality, the cultural center of Bali. We have a small garden and a playground made entirely out of recycled materials.

Meet the team

Veronika Nariswari


Vero is a passionate educator. Her training in early childhood education and her broad teaching experience at High Scope, Green School and Pelangi are joined with a keen intuition and a natural way with children.

She's grateful for the varied experience and apprenticeships she's gathered with renowned teachers, including an exposure to Steiner philosophy. She is guided by her own curiosity, enthusiasm and dedication to learning and serving children.

Vero also studied Play Therapy to help children with mental health problems and Filial Coaching to help mentor parents who want to improve relationships with their children.

Pak Kompyang

Special Gardener

With the help of The Spring children, Pak Kompyang brings his magic touch to all the seeds sleeping under Mother Earth's blanket. The children learn to take care of them until they are ready to wake up and share their gifts.

Ibu Tessi


Ibu Tessi brings her smile and love for children. She encourages the children’s creativity by making projects with recycled materials, and her gentle personality makes the children feel comfortable and appreciated.

Ibu Desak

Healthy Food Helper

Ibu Desak has been with The Spring since the beginning, sharing her kindness and loving heart, and making sure that everybody enjoys healthy, delicious food and drinks every day.

Pak Kadek Ferri

Special Music Teacher

Pak Kadek Ferri introduces children to the magic of sounds and teaches them that music is a language that talks directly to the heart. With patience and a joyful attitude he lets every child play with sound and make their own music.

Ibu Putu


She is passionate about early childhood. Hard working and motivated educator. And adore working with preschools.

Ibu Sri


Ibu Sri loves to play with children and always finds ways to allow their innate creativity to emerge. One flash of her smile is enough to show her warm, caring and sincere personality. Ibu Sri earned her degree from Udayana University and developed her own marketing company before deciding to pursue her true calling and work with children. She taught pre-kindergarten at Green School in Sibang and has also worked with Green Camp.

The Spring Team

Our Team are deeply committed to providing quality with strong communication
and interpersonal skills to cultivate working relationships within the school community.

The Spring School

The Spring School in Ubud, Bali is an early childhood learning center that aims to provide children aged 3-6 with an education that develops their natural awe, respect and wonder for the world around them.

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