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Teachers Workshop

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Our Teacher Workshop is carefully planned to help early childhood educators gain a deeper understanding of children’s development and mental health, especially during their golden age (3-5 years old).


Early childhood teachers always need the right tools to stimulate and guide their children’s development, their communications skills, problem solving, social relationships, body and mind wellbeing, creative expression and more.


Our Teacher Workshop will give you hands-on skills that will improve your children’s learning experience. The skills taught include: classroom management, ideas for making your own easy and earth-friendly learning materials; tips on handling emotional behaviour issues; team collaboration strategies; and more.

Teachers, let’s learn and share knowledge! Discover how to stimulate and guide our children in reaching their learning potential. Workshops include:


  • Play Therapy Preview

  • Sharing Day for Teachers

  • Play Therapy Preview

  • Inclusive Education Workshop

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    The Spring School

    The Spring School in Ubud, Bali is an early childhood learning center that aims to provide children aged 2-6 with an education that develops their natural awe, respect and wonder for the world around them.

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