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How do I enrol my child?

Enrolment at The Spring is fast and easy. As soon as you’ve completed our online application form, the principal will conduct a pre-arrival assessment. Initial acceptance will be conditional and is followed by full acceptance after a trial period at the school lasting one weeks. If you have any questions about the enrolment process, please contact us by email at: [email protected]

What are the criteria for enrollment?

The Spring reviews all applicants carefully. We want to be certain that we can meet the learning needs of each of the students that we enroll. Upon arrival, students undergo a one-week trial period to assess their needs for language or other learning support.

Can we enrol for only a couple months?

To allow children to settle in and to ensure that they can enjoy a stable environment, the minimum enrollment is for one semester, a period of five or six months:


Term 1: August th – October st 2022

Term 2: October th – December rd 2022

Term 1 : 9 weeks
Term 2: 9 weeks

Total Weeks: 18


Term 3: January th – March st 2023

Term 4: April rd – June th 2023

Term 3: 11 weeks
Term 4: 11 Weeks

Total weeks: 22

Under special conditions, we may admit students in the middle of the term but tuition fees will apply for the entire term.

Do families stay enrolled for over a term of a year?

The Spring’s families are a diverse mix of international expats and Indonesians. Families may enrol with the intention of remaining for one semester or a single year but many end up staying much longer.

What if English is not my child's first language?

The Spring provides language support for students who speak English as a

second language. The fee structure is determined by the level of additional help required.

What support do you offer children with special needs?

For children with special needs unfortunately we have limited facilities to give these special children the help they deserve. However, we are working on creating a support for children with unique learning requirements. That may take place either through a support center that we recommend or by enabling collaboration between parents with similar needs.

How big are the classes?

The maximum class enrollment is 12 to

18. The class comprises children aged between 2 – 3,5 yo and 3,5yo – 6 years old. We’ve found that interaction between children of different ages helps the children to learn from and teach each other. It fosters respect for each other’s differences and creates a sense of leadership among the older children.

Do you offer probationary placement?

We do not offer probationary placement. Instead, we arrange adjustment period that gives children (and their parents) time to adapt to the new learning environment.

Can Spring School refuse my admission?

We do retain the right to refuse admission to applicants. Usually, refusal occurs when we find we are unable to provide they support needed by the student; when the class for which the child has applied is full; or when the child is aged over six.


Do you offer scholarships or a sliding scale on tuition?

At The Spring we believe that every child deserves a good education. That’s why we offer a scholarship program for local Balinese children. We want to ensure that our local hosts receive the same opportunity to learn that we provide to their guests.

Is there a discount if more than one child attends The Spring?

For families with more than one student attending The Spring, we apply a sibling discount. The first child pays full tuition; the second child receives a 2,5 percent discount. Discounts only apply to tuition fees.

How much are the tuition fees?

What payment options do you offer?

We are happy to accept payments by bank transfer.

When is the school fees payment deadline?

Deadline for school fee payment is one month before the term or semester starts or every 10th of every month for the monthly payment.
A penalty will be levied for late payment.

What are the refund options in the event of illness, unexpected departures and/or extended holidays?

regardless of changes in student numbers, we cannot grant requests for refunds or pro-rated returns of tuition

fees as a result of illness, unexpected departures and/or extended holidays, pandemic, natural dissasters, or any other event.


What are the dates of your school year?

The school year starts in mid-August and ends in mid-June. There are two term breaks and two semester breaks. Details of the current calendar can be accessed here

Do you have summer school programs?

Yes. We offer a five-week Camp program in July – August. You can find more  information about our summer program here.

Can I enroll my child in the summer school program on a daily/monthly basis?

Yes. Camp program schedules are often varied so we’re happy to accept children to the Camp program whenever they wish to join us and for as long as they wish to remain.

Do you accept students at other times of the year?

In special circumstances, we may accept students entering late in a term. Applications for late enrolment are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Curriculum and Program

What curriculum do you follow at The Spring?

At The Spring, we teach an integrated curriculum in which lessons are delivered as part of a current learning theme. Teaching is based on play and experience, with an emphasis on nature and environmental awareness. Our goal is to develop a child’s social-emotional quotient and a sense of environmental stewardship.

Do the students receive enough core academics?

We do introduce some alphabet knowledge, writing skills and counting ability through games and group activity but our emphasis is on social

interaction, emotional development and the environment rather than early learning.

What special programs will my child be involved in?

Our most important focus is on environmental stewardship. Garden to Table teaches children about the origins of sustainable food and nutrition as they grow and make their own raw, vegetarian food. Recycling Art develops the children’s creative skills and encourages them to value the world around them.

What are the teachers’ credentials?

Our teachers are at the center of everything that happens at The Spring.

They act as role-models, facilitators and stage designers for our children’s learning environment.

We actively seek best practices in teaching and regularly conduct teacher training to encourage our teachers to create inquiry-based learning experiences. Our teachers create hands-on, exploratory adventures and allow time for play. We aim to develop imagination, ideas, social skills, physical skills, and the creative abilities of our children.

All of our teachers are local hires. We want to empower local teachers to be passionate educators and facilitators. We want them to provide experiences for children using the resources around them and nurture a sense ofconnectedness to the environment.

What sort of food is served at the school?

All food served at the school is organic, vegetarian. We want our children to be healthy and energetic, and to understand the relationship between the food they eat and the natural environment that supplies it. Our special programs encourage children to take part in the production and preparation of the food they eat from planting to plating.

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