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It takes a Village to raise a School


It’s been 8 years since The Spring School first opened its doors. Since then, we’ve grown from a class of 2 teachers and 6 students, into a beautiful community of 10 teachers and 35 families.


Today, faced with the possibility of having to close our doors, we have to ask ourselves the question, why is it important that The Spring School exists?


There are other wonderful schools in Bali – schools that also believe in nurturing the whole-child, celebrating cultural diversity, and being kind to each other and the planet. So, what difference is The Spring School really making? What is the legacy we’re here to create?


I am finding the answer to these questions in the stories my teachers tell me. The story I keep hearing, over and over again, is of Balinese women who didn’t believe they could make a difference in their own lives, let alone others. Women who are finally in a space where they feel seen and heard, who are finding their voices, discovering their worth, and changing their lives for the better. In doing so, they are able to wholeheartedly support The Spring School children to do the same.

That is the foundational belief The Spring School is built on, that empowered teachers empower students.


I now realise that this belief was in fact the seed that brought The Spring School into existence: my life as an educator changed when a mentor of mine saw in me what I didn’t see myself. It was her encouragement that empowered me to go from being a shy teacher, to founding a school that I feel very proud of.


Although The Spring School cannot stay at its current site beyond this school year, with the support of our wonderful community, we have already secured land for a new home. Now, we just need to raise 800 million IDR in order to rebuild our school, and continue providing a nurturing space where both children and adults can blossom.


There is no voice too quiet to matter; there is no donation too small to count. We are so grateful for any support you can offer.


Veronika Nariswari

The Spring School

The Spring School in Ubud, Bali is an early childhood learning center that aims to provide children aged 3-6 with an education that develops their natural awe, respect and wonder for the world around them.

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